Most people would love to give up worrying about money and start living their lives by doing what they thought would make them happy. Once they have achieved this goal, they thought they could then proudly claim that they are now free. 

This is how the term financial freedom came about. It’s being able to make life choices without having to be burdened by the financial implications. 

However, most people are not in a position to ignore money and its impact on their decisions. The truth of the matter is, money is difficult to ignore and would remain so for most of us no matter how hard we try.

The Root of Evil

And yet, the love of money is said to be the root of all evil. Most of the time, it is due to the lack of it. While in some instances, it is the greed to have more. 

Some people live and die to get more money for themselves knowing full well they can’t take it to their graves. (Literally, they can but for what?) While others live short lives and die because there was no money to buy food to eat.

Our attitude towards money could vary from the other person. But we know it affects our lives and our decisions no matter how hard we try to deny it.

Dealing with Money Problems

Many have obviously made and are still making bad choices with their finances and would realize their mistakes not soon enough. 

To err is human. 

And this particular error has its roots to our failure to control ourselves either because we didn’t know better or because we are not disciplined to do so.

What You Can Do

Not knowing enough is a lame excuse that needs to be corrected immediately by devouring blogs such as this one. This blog exists for the purpose of informing the readers based on the author’s experiences and research.

Having the knowledge but not taking action is a more difficult problem. It demonstrates how we find it hard to sacrifice our present comfort for our own better future. We are, after all, irrational beings in many ways despite our claims to the contrary.

For people who have this problem, there is no quick fix. It can be overcome but the solution will involve effort, time and strategies. Just as an alcoholic will undergo rigorous rehabilitation to cure his addiction, an undisciplined person will go through a painful yet rewarding process if he decides to change for the better.

But the most important part is to make that decision to change and take action. Even a very small action in the right direction is all what’s needed to get it started.

Experience is a Great Teacher

This blog contains many suggestions and information that anyone can take to start in a responsible financial journey. Some are based on research. But the better parts are based on personal experiences considered to be important and worth sharing.

I believe most of us want to enjoy our lives as much as possible by engaging in activities that makes us happy. Not having to face a financial disaster because of a wrong understanding of how money works would be a great help to that end. But making the necessary and prudent steps at present that will bear fruits in the future is even better.

The decision is ours to make. 

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