How do I know if I’m financially compatible with my partner?

Getting into relationships also entails getting into a financial commitment. Having dates, celebrating milestones together, and potentially being lifetime partners does not come cheap. Preparing financially for your relationship will help you relieve stress and make your relationship happier.

Another thing to consider aside from your financial state is how your financial habits match your partner’s. You may have different financial goals and practices, and most couples may not admit it but it will have a huge impact on your relationship’s well-being.

How do you know if you are financially compatible to your partner and know what to work out together in terms of money? Here are some ways to know how:

You complement each other’s approach to finances.

If one of you has endless spending habits and the other is very thrifty, then you will run in many financial arguments throughout the relationship.  A couple cannot work out if both have different financial habits.

Your financial goals coincide with each other.

Are both of you planning buy a car? Are you aligned whether you’ll buy a house or just rent? You have to set the record straight if you plan to stay together for a long time. Talk about what are the financial goals that you have for each other and for the future.

Money talks aren’t awkward.

You have to feel comfortable on talking about money with your spouse. Is there a purchase that he made which you didn’t feel so great about? Is your girlfriend asking a lavish vacation you cannot afford? Both of you have to be very open about these things so that you will make better financial choices together.

Joint accounts don’t scare you.

Thinking that a joint account with your partner is a problem may reflect more than just your desire to control your finances but also the bad financial habits of your partner. You may think that having a joint account will drain your money in an instant.

Joint accounts can also signify that you are seriously bound in a relationship and can be a way to a couple visa.

Final Thoughts

Some people discount financial compatibility in their relationships because this will make them look “mukhang pera” and not basing their attraction to mutual liking. The reality is financial compatibility will help you and your partner get a solid foundation in your relationship. It is important to have this since money will allow you to do the things you want with your partner and for the future of your relationship.

About the Author:
Kyle Kam is a Digital Marketing Specialist of, a financial comparison website aiming to help Filipinos save money through diligent comparisons of financial products.

*Photo Credit: Wyatt Fisher (Creative Commons)

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