Live Rich While Spending Like a Peasant

Ever dream of living lavishly like a king? Dream no more, because now you can live like one without paying the full price for it.

However, this article does not encourage you to spend all your hard earned money away to live a comfortable life. Instead, it is the exact opposite.

It gives you the opportunity to hold on to your Pesos while gaining luxurious benefits. With that being said, here are 4 ways to enrich your life with less than ₱5,000!

1. Crib

Home is the heart to the soul, thus, your home should be kept clean and neat at all times. The condition of your home can reflect your character and it can affect your mood as well.

To live like royalty, take care of your overall hygiene and surroundings. Design your space using real fresh flowers, plan a color theme and organize your clutter! You can place plants in the bedroom and your workplace to brighten up your space.

Check out Real Living Philippines for more creative ideas for home decoration.

2. Couture

Dressing to impress is the goal here. However, clothing are expensive nowadays. A simple black dress from your retail stores can cost up to ₱2,000!

The 2 ways to spend like a peasant in a shopping mall is to buy during sales & promotion seasons or pay using credit cards to earn cashbacks. With the former, you get branded clothes for less and for the latter, you get to keep track of your expenses while being rewarded at the same time.

Another option is to go for credit cards specialized for shopping. You can apply for BDO Forever 21 credit card to get the best discounts, and special privileges when you shop at Forever 21.

This is a win-win situation for consumers like me and you to dress like royalty while paying a mere amount for it.

3. Fancy Rides

In the Philippines, it is not worth buying a car unless you have to travel often. The normal mode of transportation is through jeepneys (elongated jeeps made locally), buses, MRT, or taxi.

But you should also consider that it might cost a fortune having to take public transport in the long run.

However if you decide to purchase a new vehicle, do consider getting an EastWest credit card application for Hyundai Mastercard as it offers up to 5% rebate on fuel purchases at any gasoline station nationwide.

Besides that, first-time cardholders for Hyundai Mastercard will get a free Welcome Gift Voucher worth ₱1,000.

4. Exotic Vacations

Is it possible to go on vacations with less than ₱5,000?

Totally! That is, if you decide to travel locally or countries with a much lower currency value. According to, the 12 cheapest holiday destinations are Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Bolivia, Hungary, Honduras, Bulgaria, Sri Lanka, Argentina and Greece.

A one-day trip is sufficient with a budget like that. If you have more money to spend, visiting a country further away will give you more exposure and insight to other cultures.

There you have it, now you can enrich your life without parting ways with more than ₱5,000.  Take a moment to ponder, are there any other ways to live lavishly without breaking the bank?

About the Author:
Studying Business & Commerce in Monash University Malaysia, Stephanie Tiow currently interns at iMoney and aspires to provide readers with a comprehensible perspective on finance and money-related decisions through the eye of a consumer.

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