UK Prepaid Card From Bank4you

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The global market of financial and banking services is getting even more international. The financial services market in the Philippines is not an exception.

A fresh, but ambitious UK-based start-up Bank4You enters the Southeastern Asian prepaid cards market in general, and the Philippines in particular. This Company specializes in development of niche products for different groups of clients.

The Bank4You brings its new product – the B4U VISA Student Card – in the Philippine market. This card is developed for young people who plan to get an education in Europe or in UK.

The considerable assets of the B4U card are:
  1. availability of online order;
  2. no requirements to citizenship of the cardholder;
  3. card is shipped to you from the United Kingdom within 10 days.
Europe and UK are the primary territories to use this card. The charges for use are lower compared to the average amount at the market, and this allows the holder to save about 30-40 EUR per month.

Considering all these facts, B4U Student Card is sure to be a very ripping product for the students and travelers.

CEO of the B4U Card Solution (start-up), Adam Lane remarked: “Youth in the Philippines is notable for their ambitions and sense of purpose, and the Bank4You solutions are developed for exactly such people. ”

Live Rich While Spending Like a Peasant

Ever dream of living lavishly like a king? Dream no more, because now you can live like one without paying the full price for it.

However, this article does not encourage you to spend all your hard earned money away to live a comfortable life. Instead, it is the exact opposite.

It gives you the opportunity to hold on to your Pesos while gaining luxurious benefits. With that being said, here are 4 ways to enrich your life with less than ₱5,000!

Cheap Yet Creative Ways To Promote Your Startup Business

If you don't have the ideal financial situation to engage in a costly all-out marketing campaign for a new and exciting business, be creative. You may not have the same financial resources other more established companies have, but what you have and can gain a lot from is an inventive and resourceful mind.

Work with what you have and find creative and inexpensive ways to promote your products and services. It's a challenging feat, considering the limited resources, but think of the countless non-paid strategies you can leverage your business on.

Here are some creative and low cost ways to get you started.

7 Things We Can Do Every Day to Help Out the Philippine Economy

Financial management as it relates to Philippine economy is too much for me really, especially in aspects that involve stock market, inflation, currency rates and GDP. These concepts are way too complicated to understand.

Instead, I’m more into personal financial management because it’s something I can relate to as I go about my daily life. It’s something very practical, I can say. However just recently, I happened to read a blog by Valeriano Avila published by The Freeman. In a nutshell, Avila says:
We can change our government if we Filipinos change ourselves first. Right now we are a very tolerant people, even if our political leaders are stealing the nation’s coffers blind.
And as a personal finance advocate, I can’t help but agree. These words got me thinking that it’s weird to separate Philippine economy and personal finance, considering that our everyday spending habits affect the country’s economic performance.

7 Tips for Getting Your Personal Loan Approved

Personal loans are people’s go-to fix if there’s a major expense that has to be paid such as bills and high-interest credit card debt. However, others may also choose to use it even for basic expenses.

Getting a loan approved is easier said than done, considering the process included in it, as well as having solid proof that you’re capable of paying for it.

So, if you’re planning to get a personal loan from a lending company, make sure to follow these tips to ensure that you’ll have your personal loan approved.

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