Guest Post

I do accept guest posts so you don't have to waste your time asking permission. Why? Because personal finance is a topic which I believe no single person has the monopoly of knowledge and experience. Everyone can contribute to the benefit of others.

If you have a guest post request you simply have to send it through my contact page. If I like it, I'll publish it. If not, I'll let you know that it didn't pass my criteria.

I don't want to limit your creativity in writing an article but I do have some important guidelines I follow before I can accept a guest post. 

Guidelines for Guest Posts

  1. It should be original (meaning not plagiarized) and has not been published anywhere else (online or in print).
  2. It should be easy to read. I don't mind doing some editing but if I can't understand what you're saying, I'll reject it.
  3. The content must be relevant to my website. Figure out what's acceptable by reading some of the articles posted.
  4. All links  will have a nofollow attribute. 
  5. Minimum of 500 words. Subheadings, bullets and lists are preferred to make your post more readable.
Take note that publication of a guest post is not guaranteed. I have the right to refuse. But If you believe your content is something to be proud of, I'll be happy to consider it. Send it to me now!

Happy blogging!

*Photo Credit: fredcamino (Creative Commons)