How Young Filipino Entrepreneurs Develop their Business Skills

These days, young people are fearless and enterprising. They try their hand at anything and everything that interests them. This includes going into business. Many students are entrepreneurs and many entrepreneurs are students. These students are independent and mostly rely only on themselves. They are their own boss. Despite being young, students can become successful in business.

These business-oriented youth are mostly high school and college students. Although, sometimes kids in elementary are already trying their own luck in small enterprises. I remember a classmate who used to sell toys and sweets in school. This shows that in business, age is no issue nor is it ever too early to be an entrepreneur.

The Youth and Their Competitive Advantage

Some students venture in business alone while there are others who team up with their friends. They combine their skills and their capital. This way, their business improves the product or service and more customers are served. They normally establish the venture close to home or in school for their own convenience. Understandably, students deal with small capital since they have yet to learn how to manage large amounts.

Being young and independent, many students are capable of leading their own business. They should be taken seriously, treat as real competition and never be underestimated. On the other hand, they can also be considered as business allies and may be hired as consultants by established companies. Formal hiring, obviously, can only be done for those over the age of 18. But there are ways to use their talents even at their young age.

Honing Business Skills

Young entrepreneurs run their business with seemingly endless energy and a fearless mentality. They jump on good ideas, no matter how challenging or unconventional these may be. Proactive, curious, and sometimes arrogant, to them risk-taking is part of the job. But even the courageous young entrepreneur can never be immune to failure. The good thing about failing young is you can keep trying again and again.

The ideas they develop are often innovative and can border to being ridiculous. Even so, these kids are never hesitant, no matter what they're faced with. New ideas are born constantly, ranging from the simple to the complex. Each one of them can come up with his or her unique idea. They are almost always the type who are fearsome, resilient and risk-takers.

Young entrepreneurs can earn as little as pocket change from their ventures to as high as to be enough for them to be self-sufficient. Some just want to help their families and ease their parents' burdens. While others are able to buy their own food and pay for their tuition fees or even help their siblings. For many student entrepreneurs, the benefit is not just money. Their experiences help them grow and mature while they develop their skills in business.

Message for the Parents

Young entrepreneurs have proven themselves to be capable in the business world. That’s why parents shouldn’t hold their kids back from starting a business. Instead, mom and dad should support them and offer to help. Meanwhile, aspiring entrepreneurs should keep the fire burning. They are the masters of their fate and the world needs more of them. Indeed for entrepreneurs anywhere, getting a head start in the world of business makes all the difference.

Photo Credit: tec_estromberg (Creative Commons)