How to Make Money This Christmas Season 2013

Contrary to what kids expect, grown-ups normally associate Christmas with more expenses than usual. It’s a time of giving gifts, having parties, spending time together, traveling and so much more. All of which will cost money.

But for others Christmas is the perfect opportunity to make some extra cash. They figured that if people are more willing to spend, then it should be easier to find ways to earn as well. There’ll be more customers than usual and therefore more potential to get paid for products sold or services rendered.

We should, however, consider that the willingness of customers to spend their money is mostly on stuff associated with the occasion. It’s not just for anything under the sun. So if you have a product or service to sell, you would have to consider this piece of information to make your business more appealing.

For example, people are surely on the lookout for gift items during the holiday season. So if you’re selling anything, it would be great if you can package your product as a gift. It will get noticed much more easily because everyone is thinking about what gifts to buy.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the ways which we can earn extra money during the Christmas season.

1. Sell handicrafts as gifts

Most people have the creative talents to make artistic objects such as necklaces, bracelets, bags, wallets, and many others. But those talents are not being put to good use because most people have other stuff going on. Or they may not have realized the potential of their crafts to earn them extra income on the side.

These handicrafts can be easily turned into a profitable venture during Christmas. The trick is to sell them as gift items. As I have said, people are looking for gifts so if you won’t tell them your handicraft is a good gift option, they may not notice. On top of the quality of your goods, you should go the extra mile to present the product creatively to your customers in order to sell it more effectively.

2. Sell home-cooked food for parties

Cooking takes time and effort. For some people, they just don’t have enough time to do the work of preparing food. Or they would rather spend their time doing something else. They are clearly willing to pay to get the food they need for Christmas. They are the potential customers of anyone willing to cook for other people.

3. Sell handmade cards

Handmade cards done right will always feel more pleasing than anything that can readily be bought from a bookstore or gift shop. That’s why I think handmade cards can sell well during Christmas. It’s just a matter of reaching out to the people who want them. And with social networking sites and apps readily available, letting people know you have the wares just got much easier.

4. Become a reseller

There will be many shops where discount sales will happen to attract people to buy. These events can get really chaotic which could turn people off. But if you are patient, you can become a reseller of these discounted items. You just need to make sure that you consider how receptive others will be on buying the items for sale. You wouldn’t want to end up holding inventories that no one wants to buy.

5. Write about Christmas

Many blog sites are looking for articles about Christmas not only to attract readers but to stay relevant in the web. Most of them are willing to pay good money for well-written posts. So if you are the type who’s got some writing ability, then perhaps you should get paid writing about Christmas this time around.

6. Sell your Christmas photos

Taking photos has become a pastime for everybody. Some are content with their camera phones while others buy the latest and most advanced digital camera. If you have the right equipment and skill to take good photos, you should be happy to learn that you can sell your pictures online. To learn more you can go to It’s just one of the websites that do it.

7. Organize events for a fee

Christmas parties will happen for each and every group of people. Office workers will have their own party. Relatives will have their reunions. Organizations will hold their own events. Celebrations will happen everywhere during Christmas. But not everyone is prepared to do the work in organizing these parties. If you’ve got some managing experience, it will be easy to offer your service to organize these events for a reasonable fee.

Many people will enjoy Christmas and find themselves poorer afterwards. You can do the same thing or you can choose to be different. You may want to enjoy but make money instead of just spending it. If you choose the latter, focus on being a blessing by delivering the best product or service to others and you will find yourself happier from the experience.

*Photo Credit: kamerakamote (Creative Commons)