Small Cars in the Philippines - Which Affordable Car is for You?

For young professionals in the Philippines (singles or those with small families) small cars present two distinct advantages that are financially appealing.
  1. Small cars are relatively cheaper to buy than bigger cars
  2. Small cars are more fuel-efficient than bigger cars
It is no surprise, therefore, that small cars are fast-gaining popularity and widespread adoption by Filipinos. In fact, Toyota has been reported to be mulling their options to enter this passenger car segment upon seeing how well its competitors sell small cars.  But even without Toyota yet, several car companies already have car models available in this category.

Which Cars are "Small"?

Small cars, compact cars or mini cars, whatever you may want to call them, can be differentiated from other car sizes through their small engine displacement. From what I have gathered, small cars in the Philippines range from 0.8 liter to 1.2 liter engines. Their prices are also relatively cheaper ranging from 379K to 638K pesos. These price points offer good alternatives for people who really need a car but whose budget is somewhat tight. If they would like to make car loans from a bank, monthly amortizations on small cars will not overburden their monthly budget.

Apart from the cheaper price tag of these cars, better fuel-efficiency of small cars is a great advantage as well. This means small car owners can go further with less fuel. With the rising cost of petroleum, every car company is now aiming for better and better fuel economy. Consumers are specifically looking at how far a car can go for every liter of fuel. The lighter body of small cars and their smaller engine both help for them to be more fuel-efficient.

Small Cars in the Philippine Market

If you think small cars are best for your need, I have good information below that you can use. The table at the bottom of this post consolidates most of the small cars available in the Philippine market today. I have included their manufacturer, model, maximum output and price which can all be used for comparison between different cars. But for those who would like to know more about specific small cars that appeal to them, they can follow the link that I have also included in my list.

Some of the well-known small cars available in the Philippines are the following:

1. Chevy Spark

2. Hyundai Eon

3. Hyundai i10

4. Mitsubishi Mirage

5. Suzuki Alto

6. Suzuki Celerio

7. Kia Picanto

8. Kia Rio

Which Small / Compact / Mini Car is For You?