Internet in the Philippines – How to Choose the Broadband Option That Offers the Best Value for Your Money

The Philippines is not known for fast or reliable internet connections. We actually have some of the lousiest internet connections there are in the planet.

I can attest to the veracity of this statement through my own experience. I have a 512 Kbps connection which is very unreliable and terribly slow most of the time.

Internet Speed in the Philippines

Slow internet is the norm in our country. This is the reality despite the growing number of Filipinos getting online. The latest survey by TNS puts the number of Filipinos online at 45%.

A look at the table below shows how far behind we have become. Our average internet connection speed is 103rd in the world at 1.1 Mbps according to this study by Akamai Technologies on Q4 2011.

We have a very long way to go if we want to play catch up with our Asian neighbors. We can learn a lot from South Korea which has a national goal of being number one in internet speed. They aimed for it and they achieved it. Currently at 17.5 Mbps on average, they’ve set the bar on how fast internet speed can be attained.

A New Dawn for the Philippines

But I believe this pitiable situation in the Philippines is about to change for the better. Businesses will drive the adaption of faster and more reliable broadband connections. Hopefully they will compete for faster, cheaper and more reliable internet.

The internet has been fast-becoming an essential Filipino experience. We are among the most active in social networking sites in the world. About 90% of Filipinos are on Facebook.

We may have started slow on the internet. From the first internet connection to the Philippines on March 1994 until today, we have been continuously cultivating our online communities.

The fact that 10% of Filipinos are overseas adds to the importance of the internet to Filipino families. The cost of communicating with a loved one has considerably gone down.

The domination of outsourcing sites by Filipinos also adds to our credibility as a nation of online talents to reckon with. We are not only consumers but we are also producers and contributors to the information age. But more than that, we have the potential to be creators, inventors, entrepreneurs, innovators and pioneers in this field.

The Internet Age

The internet presents a whole new world of opportunities and possibilities to anyone who will recognize its power and potential. I’m sure that Filipinos know this that’s why more and more are trying to get online.

The internet will change the face of doing business in this country more than it already has. Our online presence will grow and businesses that can learn the workings of this connected world will profit.

It would be a shame if we do not step up our game to this new online world. What we need to do is aim for 100% connection and average internet speed that doubles at least every year.

But the infrastructure that we need may not yet be available to connect everyone in the country to the World Wide Web.

Broadband Options in the Philippines

Today, there are several competing companies that offer high-speed internet Filipinos can choose from. Although, as I have said not all places have access to their services. Some remote areas would not have connection for the foreseeable future.

But if you’re in the city and happen to have all the options below, it would be an easy choice to pick the fastest connection you can afford. The only question now is how reliable their services really are.

It’s hard to say without subscribing to their services. I know some of them offer free trials. That’s a great way to find out. But for others that do not, you may speak to friends who are customers of these companies. They will tell you what you need to know to decide which one is for you.

*Photo Credit: saschaaa (Creative Commons)