Making Money Online: Legitimate Work-at-home Sites to Choose From

The internet has spawned an unprecedented number of opportunities for people around the world. Some have built their businesses with the internet as the foundation. While others have found that there are employment opportunities to many people who are willing to take the time to use their skills and talents. 

This phenomenon has even disrupted some of the common ways employers hire people. Today, it is not unusual for someone who is just at home to work for a company based in a different country. It is like telecommuting only more permanent. 

Working Online
With the exploding amount of opportunities brought about by the internet, it’s difficult to justify not engaging to be part of this vast network of communities. 

Filipinos have once again proven to be in the forefront of this global trend of remote employment. Our mastery of English and untarnished work ethic have helped provide a good reputation for employers to trust.

Global Job Marketplace
For those who have been unable to tap into this rich resource of money and opportunities, I have made a list of some of the most popular websites that make these types of transactions possible. These sites are designed as a marketplace for online workers and employers to transact for each other’s benefits.
  1. oDesk ( is a global job marketplace based in California, USA founded in 2003. It currently has around over 1.4 million contractors. The Philippines is second in rank behind India in terms of contractors employed by the company.
  2. Elance ( is also an online employment marketplace with more than 540 thousand contractors all over the world. It is based in Mountain View, California.
  3. Freelancer ( is another such company still based in the USA. It boasts of almost 3 million employers and freelancers combined globally.
  4. Guru ( was founded in 1997 based in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania USA. It has more than 1 million registered members and over 8000 projects posted monthly.
  5. ScriptLance ( is an online business started in 2001 by a Canadian entrepreneur named Rene Trescases as a way to meet custom programming demands. It has become one of the world’s most popular software outsourcing marketplace.
  6. vWorker ( is a marketplace platform to connect more than 168 thousand employers to 346 thousand content experts in many different fields. It boasts of having 30 to 80% cheaper cost of labor than traditional workers.
Please take note that these sites may or may not have a job to suit everyone. It’s best to browse through the projects listed and the requirements by the prospective employers. The system that the sites have put in place provides for effective system and feedback mechanism to serve the needs of both the employees and the employers.