Investing in Human Capital for Pinoys

As has been the case for many years now, last week’s opening of classes here in the Philippines for elementary and secondary students proved challenging most especially for public schools.

The usual lack of classrooms, teachers, facilities, books and many other necessary learning materials continue to plague the public school system. These problems have been present as far back as we can remember so that expectations for improvement have been low and people have resigned themselves to the pitiful situation that is out there for them.

Educating the Young

These are enormous challenges for the country but which also present great opportunities for Filipinos to rise to the occasion. There's no denying the importance of investing in education for our young people.

They will inherit the future that we are trying to develop at present. It would be to their advantage if they are well-equipped to face the new challenges that will surely arrive. And education provides them the invaluable tool to help them succeed.

The Country Needs to Step Up

Shedding the Third World status to become a developed nation requires focusing on the right things. One of those important things that cannot be ignored is the people. Investing in the people by educating them properly is an investment that every successful nation did before they prospered. Singapore did it, Japan did it. They understood that the way for people to be productive and competitive is to open their minds to opportunities and possibilities.

As I watched prime time news showing children crossing rivers and walking several kilometers just to get to school, I witness the hunger for learning that every Filipino possess.

It is proof that children are eager to make themselves better which ultimately bodes well for the Philippine's future generations. If only our leaders will take their job more seriously, then there will be no mountain too high to climb and a vast improvement in the education system will soon follow.

Facing the Challenges

I believe that although this problem is big, it can be overpowered by a united and consistent effort. No problem is too difficult if the people will choose to put their minds together in solving it.

So the real problem lies with our commitment to making things better. Do we have the tenacity to keep on focusing on this until it is solved or are we the type who knows what's wrong but wouldn't make the effort to set things right?

Personal Finance Point of View

Although this may seem a pretty general problem that the country faces, the implications to our personal finances are absolutely important. We have discussed several investing topics but I believe none is more important than investing in people. If you or your family members are equipped because you understood this concept, then your earnings potential would be much better.

The same can be said of everybody else. When the people have the right skills, they will generate good ideas that will make the economy run better and the whole of society to be more prosperous. So it’s win-win for everyone.

Photo Credits: Save the Children (Creative Commons)