Available Jobs Right Under Your Nose: English Online Tutorial Job for Filipinos

We have heard it a thousand times – available jobs are scarce.  The statistics disheartened job seekers with the appalling numerical truth about the increasing unemployment rate.  With dampened morale, they stopped looking for jobs, as their meager financial sources were all exhausted in vain.

The over-qualified BS degree holders found their niche in front of their computer, liking even the least likable post on Facebook, re-tweeting the things that are better left unsaid.

However, as Patrick Rothfuss of the The Wise Man’s Fear said “people are forever watching things. (But) they should be seeing.”  Perhaps, the job that we are looking for is right in front of us. What browsing can actually give us are not merely job ads but potential sources of income themselves.

Most of the articles written about available online jobs are US-based. However, this series of articles presents online jobs that cater to the Filipino market.  With minimum requirements such as, a computer with a high-speed internet connection (at least 1 mbps), a telephone, anti-virus software, skills, and the passion to find the most suitable online job, an increased number of available online jobs are ready to employ us.

Part I: English Online Tutor

As one of the largest English-speaking nations in Asia, our country is a good a market for online tutors for developed non-English speaking countries such as Japan, Korea, and China. Using the internet technology in delivering tutorial service to these customers regardless of geophysical location has been creating a buzz since early 2000. 

Perks and Benefits

Potential earnings employers claimed ranges from P10,000 to P15,000 a month with old-timers getting even more than that. But it depends on hours of work rendered, their accrued bonuse and their teaching qualification. The usual rate of English online tutors is between P100 – P120 per hour.

However, the low cost needed (as there is 0 transportation cost and sans the hassle of wearing the teacher’s uniform) makes it an ideal source of money. The most enticing part of this job is the flexible schedule we have on our hands.  Plotting the available schedule after work makes it possible for even full-time employee to take advantage of this job as their source of extra income.

Other intangible benefit: the sense of fulfillment one gets when the student grows and learns English under our tutelage and yeah, when an evaluation report comes back stating -  I learned so much from my teacher.

Job Requirements

As this requires a strong command of the English language, let us replace our usual tear-jerker Korean TV dramas with Hollywood imports. Start reviewing our grammar books, practice in front of the mirror the call-center accent we Filipinos can easily channel ourselves.

To make learning more conducive for the foreign clients, stable internet connection (1 mbps), headset, webcam (as correct pronunciation is taught) and quiet environment are prerequisites.

As a way to advertise your tutorial service to the market of students, video clip or audio clip is needed. Make sure to pump up your credentials by highlighting your English proficiency and your desire to teach and motivate students. Some companies hire only students and graduates from top universities, with their list available on their website.

Possible Employers

One of the pioneer tutorial online companies is Rarejob, ( They deliver their virtual service to Japanese.  To maintain their reputation of offering the best services to the meticulous clients, they only employ students from the University of the Philippines.

However due to increasing number of clients, Rarejob extended its job offers to students and alumna of the top 100 universities of the Philippines.  Prior to sending your application check out if your alma mater is included as TOR or school ID will be secured along the process.

Catering its tutorial services to people from Mainland China, a two-year company called 51 Talk, is now looking for tutors.  While Rarejob accepts applications from students, 51 Talk requires job hunters who are BS degree holders and of course, proficient in English language.

While the starting salary (for a tutor who is just beginning to create his/her point, market) is not extremely appealing to all, the minimum cost and the convenience it offers makes up to the limited salary. In English online tutorial job, we maximize the usage of the monthly P1,000 internet fee we shed and more importantly we maximize our potential to communicate English to foreigners and our ability to share it to others.

But if tutoring does not suit you, what about buying domain names or websites? Check out my next article which will discuss opportunities there - Available Jobs Right Under Your Nose: Domain Brokering.

Photo Credit: Tulane Public Relations (Creative Commons)